Letter to the editor: Four-plus years of lies, Capitol assault bring tears

I didn’t know if I should cry, yell, be angry, be sad. I did it all but mainly I just cried. Cried for our country, cried for our people, and I cried for all those people who supported the former President. I cried for them because they placed their trust in a person that lied to them for four years and convinced them that the lies were the truth. And even worse were the ones who knew it was all lies but still went along. Because of those lies the truth was often lost as too many were convinced the truth was the lie.

Our capitol was raided and lives lost because people believed Trump; that the election was a fraud and they needed to fight to overturn the election. We are in a dangerous situation in our country when we have an impeachment that comes from four years of lies and untruth that too many in Congress followed or were silent. Had Trump been willing to accept the loss of the election after contesting it over and over in courts and finding repeatedly that there was no fraud and the election was fair we probably would not have had such a tragic raid on the capital.

Let us not forget that a lie heard over and over often becomes a truth and that can lead to a threat to our very democracy and weaken it. I cry because in my eyes this became for me a battle of truth over lies and the Republicans let the lies win.

Trump was right. He could get away with anything. He walked away carrying with him his hateful lies that he can continue to poison our country with.

I am upset and I cry.

Frances Stone



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