Letter to the editor: Full survey tells a different story

While I’m pleased that the very sensitive and critical decision on what to do about the Mount Abraham Unifies School District facilities has been delayed until August, I do wish that the full percentages had been provided in the little inset about the school survey in the Addison Independent’s Jan. 28 story.

As a Monkton resident who is fully opposed to closing our school or any other school in the district, and does not support “repurposing” schools, I feel that the wording pits towns against each other: Lincoln and Starksboro residents, the towns that will be the most impacted by these changes, must take away from this article that the rest of us don’t support them. I’m guessing that the numbers, if presented, would show that quite a few residents of Bristol, Monkton and New Haven are against the closing schools in other towns and want to support their neighboring towns.

Deb Mager Rickner



Editor’s note: Although we had limited space to describe the results of the MAUSD facilities survey, the Independent should have provided a link to the full survey on the MAUSD website. You can see the raw data, the summary results and the school board presentation on the survey results online here: tinyurl.com/MAUSDfacilitiesSURVEY.

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