Letter to the editor: Global Warming Act a good step

The Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA) comes up soon for final approval in the Vermont House and I urge the continued support of Addison County’s legislators. Thanks for earlier support go to Reps. Robin Scheu and Amy Sheldon of Middlebury, Peter Conlon of Cornwall, Mari Cordes of Lincoln, Caleb Elder of Starksboro, and Matt Birong and Diane Lanpher of Vergennes.  Thanks also to Senators Chris Bray and Ruth Hardy for their ongoing support.

For too long, Vermont has had aspirational greenhouse gas emission reduction goals that we have consistently failed to meet. The latest data indicates that Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions have risen by 13% since 1990. The GWSA requires that state agencies put in place the policies we need to drive emissions down and holds them accountable if they do not.

As Vermont recovers from myriad impacts of the pandemic, the GWSA offers us a framework to ensure that our economic recovery makes Vermont a more resilient and just state. The bill establishes a diverse Climate Council to recommend climate and resilience solutions that help us rebuild our economy and make our communities healthier and more likely to succeed in the future.

Steve Maier


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