Letter to the editor: Gov. should continue good leadership, require masks

Regardless of political persuasion and a strong belief in individual rights, the novel COVID-19 virus only seeks cells to invade in any host available. It is a successful and sneaky expert in doing so. We have the freedom here to use medical knowledge and information to protect ourselves, each other, and the economic recovery by freely choosing to do one simple thing: Wear a mask in public and in indoor spaces where the public interacts. We can “win.” We can shut down the virus by our knowledge and actions.

I have been impressed with Phil Scott’s management of the health and economic threats posed by COVID-19. The governor should build on his good work by showing leadership and take the position that masks must be worn in Vermont in public spaces. This is even more important at a time when the state is potentially opened up to millions of people just before the 4th of July holiday, who are not required to quarantine and not required to wear masks. Folks coming into Vermont from elsewhere need to know that it is absolutely expected that they wear masks in public. It is important for Vermonters to do so as well. The lessons learned from the fallout of opening up for Memorial Day in other states and the resulting damage to economic vitality and loss of health and lives are reasons enough to take the simple science-based step in Vermont.

The governor’s leadership on this is essential. When it is “suggested” to folks that they wear masks, especially if coming from more populated areas, it is very easy for them to think it is not really necessary to do so. Because this is a global problem the highest level of leadership will be the most successful form of leadership. In the absence of federal leadership, for us that is our governor, Phil Scott, and the state of Vermont.

With sincere concern and a feeling of urgency to do the right thing,

Karen Lueders


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