Letter to the editor: History repeats itself

“If it isn’t good morality, it isn’t good politically,” so said a wise professor from the English school at which I lived a half a century ago.

He said this 30 years removed from Munich’s sad surrender to a cardboard strutting bully who demanded Britain and France give up alliance to the well-armed Czechs.

We know, of course, how that worked out. Yet we’ve learned naught, and 80 years removed from distant Munich’s shame, we, as a nation, turned our back on friends who fought and died for us.

And once again the vacuum left behind a sad, immoral act is filled by players who mean ill, which means we’ll pay for foolishness brought to us by incompetence.

Morality and politics are not divorced and separate. They reinforce and mutually support or ruin worlds around. Why doesn’t outrage now abound?

Lawrence A Jones



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