Letter to the editor: Hooper seen as 'caring, competent and committed'

Please vote for Andy Hooper for Middlebury selectboard. Andy is a caring, competent, and committed member of our community. He cares about us, as evidenced by his service on the Ilsley Library Board of Trustees, Addison County Regional Planning Commission, Solid Waste District, and Communications Union District.

Andy and his wife Caitlin Myers, who teaches economics at Middlebury College, are committed to living and raising their four school-age children here. They have put enormous energy and love into renovating their in-town Victorian home. Andy is professionally competent in business administration, applied mathematics, and computer programming, all of which are central to his job as manager of programming at Cabot/Agri-Mark.

In addition, Andy has eight years’ experience as a member of the Montpelier City Council. But most important, Andy is a happy, enormously likable, honest, and energetic Vermonter. He is the right person to help guide Middlebury into a bright, prosperous future. (See his website: sites.google.com/view/hooper4middlebury)

John Freidin


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