Letter to the editor: Hooper seen as compassionate, even-tempered

Andy Hooper for Middlebury selectboard! Andy is an all-around great guy. He is intelligent, erudite, compassionate, and even-tempered. I have known him as my neighbor and friend ever since he moved in next door to our farm on South Munger Street. My first impression of him was that he was willing to talk to anyone at any time, which is a great quality for an elected official.

As I grew to know him I found him to be a quintessential Vermonter — a love of Cabot cheese and maple syrup, from multiple generations living in this state, wily, the whole nine yards. Andy taught me a lot about different topics ranging from economics to philosophy, science and history. He has been an inspiration to me to become as great a man as he is. He is a caring husband and father who has raised amazing children — well mannered and studious.

I believe that as a selectman Andy Hooper will lead our town in a fiscally and socially responsible fashion that will increase the quality of life for its residents. Nobody can be everything, but Andy certainly comes close. Please consider voting for Andy Hooper.

Relief Quinn


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