Letter to the editor: Information is power; please don't withold it

In the last year and a half I had two strokes and was debilitated in many ways. I was not afraid of sharing this news with the world; in fact I wrote about it in this newspaper and shared it on social media. The response from this amazing community was kindness, generosity, and support. 

So I am confused as to why the public has to be kept in the dark about COVID-19 patients. I don’t need to know someone’s name, but some details would be important to know. Last week it was reported someone at a college sporting event tested positive, but they were not a threat. What event were they at? How is it that they were not a threat? As someone who was at one of the weekend sporting events, I would like to know these answers. 

This week saw a report of a case in Middlebury (supposedly). No details were shared, and the college asked that we respect the privacy of the patient. Again, I am not asking for a name, but details about how they might have contracted the virus and how they might have exposed others seems very important. 

If this information isn’t being gathered or intentionally kept from the public, then those who are supposed to be protecting us are actually failing us. Information is power, and in this scary time we need as much as we can get.

Thank you.

Trent Campbell


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