Letter to the editor: Keep Weybridge school open

Weybridge Elementary School was one of the primary reasons we chose Weybridge when we moved to the area in 2017. As our son has grown and is now set to begin kindergarten there this year, we've become even more excited for him to attend, as we've learned more about WES and its special place in the community.

While we took part in the ACSD Facilities Master Plan discussions, and were hopeful they would lead to a positive outcome, unfortunately there seems to be no place for WES in the plans. We support the withdrawal from ACSD because we deeply value the student-centric, nurturing learning community that WES provides. We believe that, despite the difficulties and uncertainties in the process, Weybridge will be better off with our school in it, and it will benefit, not burden, Weybridge property owners.

Kelsey and Chris Eberly


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