Letter to the editor: Kramer will hear community concerns about schools

I endorse Chris Kramer for the Cornwall seat on the ACSD school board. Having worked in four of the schools in the district as a teacher, principal, and school board member, I know the importance of having people on the school board who listen.

Chris is a person who will listen to and hear the concerns of the community. Further, he will address these concerns with a timely and empathetic approach. At present he is focused on the difficulties brought about by the pandemic and its effect on student learning. I believe Chris will speak up when board actions are moving too fast or in a direction that takes the emphasis away from students and instruction.

Chris is aware of the challenges facing school boards in this state financially, along with the declining student population. But he is also aware of the importance of small rural schools for the present and future of communities in the state. He will work to address both of these components in creative ways while dealing with the issues created by Act 46.  Vote for Chris Kramer for the ACSD school board.

Jane B. Phinney


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