Letter to the editor: Kramer would bring energy, open mind to ACSD

At this critical time in ACSD history, it is essential to elect people like Chris Kramer to serve on the school board. His current role as an elementary parent, active engagement, creative thinking, and genuine compassion for all our community members offers a potent combination of talent and experience.

As a former elementary school board director, I appreciate the value of having someone with current knowledge and involvement in the local schools serve in this important role. It can be easier to dismiss the effects of consolidation, the impact of moving 6th grade to MUMS, or the adjustment to the IB curriculum when your children are not involved. Chris currently has elementary age children whose education will be directly impacted by ACSD decisions.

During my time as an active elementary parent volunteer, I came to know Chris as equally engaged, and we joined forces for several programs. His energy, commitment and humor benefit any endeavor. Even before offering to serve, Chris poured his efforts into learning the process. His diligence in attending ACSD meetings and ability to sort through volumes of paperwork, while offering valuable insight, is remarkable.

Although I know Chris through his support for Cornwall, he has been an active voice for other towns in the district as well. While we work to engage as a broader community to deal with the realities of budgets and the desire for an equitable and supportive educational system for all of our students, we need people like Chris Kramer to represent us.

Kristianne Tölgyesi


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