Letter to the editor: Leaders should show the way

Editor’s note: The correspondent wrote this in response to Angelo Lynn’s Dec. 26 editorial asking readers to share their hopes for the new year.

My hope is that leadership and legislators in both D.C. and Montpelier recognize that we actually do have the ability to care for the planet and to face and heal our oppression and racism to create a culture of health and justice for all. It will take all of us participating and strong leadership.

The accumulation of wealth in our country is mainly due to using the Earth and people as resources with low or no payment. Therefore, I’d like to see the regeneration efforts paid for by taxing the top 5% who’d still have their basic needs met and would benefit from a healthy society and a clean environment. I’d like to see diverse, accountable committees involved in the visioning and coordinating of the multi-layered, decades-long healing process.

Various ages and perspectives are already aligning with common purpose and being energized by projects, which is encouraging.

Sally Burrell


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