Letter to the editor: Make America humane again

While at a conference in D.C. this week I walked by a protest where a display of buttons was being sold, my eye immediately catching the button in big red lettering, “Make America Humane Again.” Shortly after leaving that protest I got word of the school shooting in Santa Clarita, Calif., where a high school student killed two of his classmates and then himself.

The conference I was attending was a joining of the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) who I work with to pass gun violence prevention legislation. This administration is not humane, and gun violence is not humane, and these acts of violence that I hear about every day are not humane. My mission with FCNL to prevent gun violence only being reinforced every time I see a google alert with a tragic headline.

Members of Congress, I urge you to pass Senate bill 42, Universal Background Checks and House bill 1236, Extreme Risk Protection Orders, and make America humane again. Thank you to my Congressmen Sanders, Leahy and Welch for their continued support, but now we need to reach across the isle and get these bills passed. I will continue to lobby, but others, please step up to the fight to reduce gun violence.

Olivia Bravo


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