Letter to the editor: Many helped ailing kayaker

On Wednesday last week I went kayaking with a friend on Lake Dunmore. I had a freak accident. I fainted and passed out in the water and almost drowned. Thank god a kind man in his boat with two younger men took me aboard despite COVID-19 and boated me to shore. Then an elderly couple at the house at shore kindly offered towels and a ride despite COVID-19. 

My life-saving friend jumped in what must have been very cold water risking hypothermia to save me. I used to be a lifeguard and swimmer so I rarely think drowning would be a threat to my life. Thank god I put that life jacket on. I’m beyond grateful, beyond at a loss for words but just feeling so appreciative of our community and how people care for one another. I just want the people who helped me to know how deeply appreciative I am. 

Ashley Oakley

works in Middlebury

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