Letter to the editor: McGill deserves voter support

Voters from Addison-5 (Bridport, New Haven, Weybridge) would do well to support Jubilee McGill as our new Representative to the Vermont House.

I got to know Jubilee when I began working closely with her to build the grassroots organization she brought to life as a rapid-response answer to the early days of the COVID-19 crisis: Addison County Mutual Aid. She quickly gathered volunteers, created systems and brought voice to the needs of Addison County residents. I observed her to be principled, efficient, compassionate and able to relate and collaborate with people across the socioeconomic spectrum.

When demands increased at John Graham Housing & Services this spring, Jubilee pivoted to give more time there to help address the challenges of homelessness. In the true spirit of advocate and ally, she assesses what’s needed on the ground, in the moment, and then works tirelessly to meet those needs. She does it all while keeping a sharp eye on a longer-term vision for a more healthy and just Vermont — for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

I thank Jubilee for stepping up, time and time again, for the residents of this area, and am so grateful to have a better option to represent us in Addison-5 as we move toward recovering from the pandemic. Please join me in supporting Jubilee, and get those ballots in ahead of the deadline, or plan to vote safely in person November 3rd.

Amy Mason


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