Letter to the editor: Middlebury makes strides

Now that we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of the Middlebury railway project, I am reflecting back on the excellent customer service, hard work and assertive creativity that so many people put into keeping the town vibrant. Some of my personal experiences: Becky Dayton and staff at Vermont Book Shop, Ilsley Library, Greg at Main Street Stationary, Tae (sp?), and other staff at Greg’s, Stone Mill, and Agway. 

One day that stands out for me is the day I was in town with my husband, son and grandsons. We went there to watch the construction and ended up getting involved in the search for gems. Not only was this a great activity; there was the whole mood in town. People just sitting around chatting (masks on, of course). This is a real achievement. Kudos go also to the people who performed the construction in such a timely and smooth manner. I look forward to a future of continued shopping and playing in Middlebury.

Thank you.

Deborah Young

New Haven

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