Letter to the editor: Mt. Abe did a great job with graduation ceremony

I personally want to say thank you to the administration and faculty for everything they did for the graduation on Saturday, June 6. They were so very organized, they all cheered on the graduates as you passed them by, which made them feel special, as they all are special. In these times with the social distancing requirements, graduation seemed like it could be another bleak moment, one these seniors have had to endure, so many times in the last few months of their senior year, missing their last prom, spring sports, academic recognition night, signing yearbooks, and enjoying the last moments of their time at Mount Abraham with their friends. This was their day, and you gave them a great send-off.

There were so many staff members and other community members cheering on the graduates, and I am sure most were volunteering — I want to say thank you and how proud I was to have witnessed that and how I am sure it meant so much to so many. Many of you stood cheering them on for hours and hours, in hot conditions, yet the only thing I could tell, was your true happiness for these students — as we could see many of your smiles, that were so big, that even the required masks, could not contain it. Just another simple reminder of how lucky we are to live in this community, with such caring and compassionate people. Thank you for the countless hours of planning and all of the thoughtfulness that went into that day, It did not go unnoticed.

Timothy Bouvier

Proud Mount Abraham Alum Class of 1995

and Proud Uncle

New Haven

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