Letter to the editor: New 'revolution' needed for Earth

The warming of our planet, regardless of the reason, has evolved into the largest challenge facing humanity and the necessity of a new Industrial Revolution. Regardless if the issue is deforestation, replacement of greenery with heat absorbing human-made structures or CO2 emissions it is clear a responsible and renewable industrial complex is crucial to the survival of our species.

The first Industrial Revolution was unaware of the unforeseen consequences of the dramatic and rapid changes made to the delicate and longstanding balance of our planet. Centuries later we are older and hopefully wiser and cognizant that our disruption of billions of years of symbiotic recycling is rapidly leading down a path of destruction of all that we have created. It jeopardizes Earth’s infinite realm of balance and renewal.

The second Industrial Revolution is one of balance and acceptance of the brilliant design of our unique planet, which has existed long before homo sapiens emerged and will stand long after we are replaced.

Anders Holm

Portsmouth, N.H./Middlebury, Vt.

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