Letter to the editor: Nothing wrong with milk

I’ve read a couple of letters lately that suggest we don’t need milk. I almost cried! I was born and raised on farms in Rutland County. During WWII, while my three older brothers served in the Marines in the South Pacific, my sister and I were the farm hands. We were in our early teens. I loved it. I especially liked getting the cows before milking. I can still belt out “Come Boss.” And I still love cows.

I drink a lot of milk — whole milk. I’ve read that doctors state our bodies need what is removed from whole milk for skim milk. I’m healthy and have good bones. I’ve fallen several times in my life and have never broken a bone.

There may be people that don’t drink milk or eat milk products. Not me! I love milk, whipped cream on my shortcake, pudding made with milk, ice cream, butter and cheese. Life is too short not to enjoy all that good food.

I’m always glad to read about the devoted farmers — up at 4 a.m., working 10-12 hours a day, all repeated 365 days a year. How many of you can say that?

Well, I must end this as I have to go out to Monument Farms to get my gallon of milk.

Alice Munson


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