Letter to the editor: Please explain Trump's appeal

I am a dad. I am a protector of my family and loved ones. I cannot stand bullies. I try to look at all sides of the issue before I render a decision. I am neither Republican nor a Democrat. However, I do tend to side more towards the Democratic philosophy.

After, seeing 52 Republican senators acquit a man who clearly committed crimes, who voted against the majority of Americans, I am disgusted with all these cowards. It has been said all over social media and other media venues the present Republican Party has turned into the Cult of Trump.

I have friends, relatives and loved ones who consider themselves Republicans. I implore all of you to be that Republican. What the Republican Party use to be. You all know what that is and means. Do not fall into the cult of personality, Trump Republican. In fact, I dare not even put those two words together Trump and Republican. Because Trump is not a Republican. He has created his own party using some of the principles of the Republican Party and warping it into his own narcissistic party. I will not go over any of the evidence or comments on either side of the line. People will believe in what they believe and disregard anything that is counteracting to those beliefs.

All I ask my Republican friends is to please explain those beliefs to me. I will try to keep an open mind and listen. I will take what you say and digest it, ponder it. I just want to understand why you support such a man as Donald Trump.

My dad instincts rise when I think of who Donald Trump is and I want to protect my kids from what this man can create in our society. 

Shawn A. O’Neil


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