Letter to the editor: Porter Hospital officials helpful and professional

Recently I spent a few days in Porter Hospital with a medical episode that had me quite worried. The doctor in the emergency room was very competent and sent me with my diagnosis into the Medical-Surgical unit in the East wing, where I was cared for by a fantastic group of nurses. Not only did they all do an excellent job of monitoring me, drawing blood and administrating the drugs that I needed, but they also did a great job helping me with the stress of my situation. Everyone wore masks, gloves and always used the hand sanitizer, but otherwise they did not hesitate to touch me and use their stethoscopes. I think they were not only being the most caring but also the bravest people I have ever met. I cannot thank them more. While there, I came to love every one of those sweethearts and I would like to send each one of them a virtual hug.

Maurice Prior


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