Letter to the editor: Preserve Vermont's peace and quiet

Vermont is known for its beautiful landscape and Green Mountains, and we work hard to preserve the open space, the trees, the environment, the air quality, the water, the wildlife, and the wetlands, but we often forget to protect and preserve the peace and quiet. Peace and quiet is the essence of Vermont, and we must maintain diligence to preserve and protect it. 

Our zoning districts were created to allow for peace and quiet in our residential and agricultural neighborhoods and our commercial districts/downtown spaces were built to allow for large groups of people, noise, artificial lighting, and more traffic. Please encourage your town officials to follow these zoning districts set up to protect our beautiful state. Let’s resist temptation to spread out disturbances of nature, and let’s honor, preserve and protect Vermont’s beauty in every way.

Let’s work together or we lose the beauty of Vermont forever, for without peace and quiet, we lose much of what Vermont is.

Sharon Stearns


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