Letter to the editor: Scott praised for COVID response

I am proud of Vermont’s remarkable effort and success in containing the Covid-19 virus. I am similarly proud of the determination of officials and the media to resist the temptation to infest this remarkable effort with political undertones. Governor Scott three times a week has allied himself with the public health and scientific community, and we have all benefitted from that alliance.

That said, I am thoroughly shocked and deeply disappointed to read Angelo Lynn’s editorial (May 14, 2020, Democrats must lead Scott to open state’s economy). No! Science, as it has in these past weeks, must lead. The editorial asserts that Governor Scott’s decisions regarding opening up the economy have been influenced by his concern for the upcoming gubernatorial election. Such has not been evident to me and is absolutely not substantiated by anything in the editorial. 

Let other states and our floundering federal government stumble their way through this life-threatening crisis distracted by this nation’s political miasma. May Vermont’s leaders continue to leave the political out of these important decisions.

John Beattie


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