Letter to the editor: Silberman is the best choice

Without hesitation I support Dave Silberman for high bailiff in this upcoming election. Perhaps a lesser known position, the high bailiff has an important community role intended to put a check on the sheriff’s office. In an effort to prevent impropriety and misconduct the high bailiff may arrest the sheriff if they break the law. As a civilian, Dave can provide unbiased and independent oversight on law enforcement. 

Personally, I have known Dave for a number of years and can attest to his courage in voicing the truth. You will hardly find another who tirelessly dedicates his time to the wellbeing of this community. 

Dave’s commitment to criminal justice reform is clear in his efforts organizing free expungement clinics in Addison County, where under appropriate circumstances old criminal records are cleared allowing deserving people a fresh start. As a member of the Vermont Democratic Committee, Dave demonstrated equal justice as his priority when helping re-write the party’s platform. Dave currently serves our community as justice of the peace as well as a member of the Middlebury Board of Civil Authority. I have already voted for Dave as high bailiff in my mail-in ballot and highly encourage others to as well! 

Kelly Flynn


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