Letter to the editor: Silberman earns support for high bailiff position

Growing up an American taking middle school civics, I was taught early that “no one is above the law.” That hasn’t been obvious to anyone watching either the news coming out of the nation’s capital or paying attention to DUI charges in the City of Rutland here in Vermont. It seems that some people are above the law, or at least not prosecuted with the same zeal that you or I would be, not being a person in power or a police officer. We’re lucky in Addison County, Sheriff Newton is an upfront, honest law officer. He runs a department that seems to try very hard to get it right.

Still, High Bailiff is a traditional office created to make sure the county sheriff, however respected, is not above the law. In my opinion it shouldn’t be a lieutenant sheriff position for the sheriff-in-waiting (this looks like a long wait, Peter Newton looks pretty healthy!), but a place for civilian oversight of our county police force.

Dave Silberman has been tireless in his work on criminal justice reform, leading the fight to legalize cannabis and organizing expungement clinics to clear old drug offenses and let people get a fresh start. He is exactly the right person to ask tough questions about our policing. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Dave Silberman.

Chuck Burkins


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