Letter to the editor: Silberman would become an asset as high bailiff

I have had the privilege of getting to know Dave Silberman over these last few months. When residents across Vergennes began to discuss what it would mean to have more citizen-involved policing in our beloved city, he quickly became a wise resource, a trusted voice, and a ready ally.

It is my honor today to write in support of his candidacy to be our county’s High Bailiff. I have seen up close how he serves this community as a private citizen, and I look forward to seeing his impact amplified as a public official.

At his core, Dave understands the value of bringing more people into the process of governance. Vermont is a special place where residents can have a strong and direct voice in shaping how our communities function. But, this power is meaningless if we don’t step up and step in. It is meaningless if we don’t invite others into the process. And perhaps most importantly, it is meaningless when we forfeit our rights to active civilian input, action, and oversight.

As a private citizen, Dave has been a fierce advocate in Montpelier for criminal justice reform. He has been instrumental in the efforts to legalize cannabis and expunge the records of those with minor cannabis-related offences so that Vermonters across the state deserving of an honest fresh start can get one. Dave shows up and follows through.

As High Bailiff, Dave will take seriously the role of direct civilian oversight of the Sheriff’s office — an important check constituted into our state’s laws. Further, he will continue to convene and inform the important conversations we are having across the state around responsible, accountable, and inclusive policing.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that it is not the time for another rubber-stamper or ribbon-cutter. When business-as-usual fails us, we need to go back to the drawing board. Dave understands the nuanced systems that affect our lives and is ready to continue to advocate with all his wisdom and with all his heart for every resident of Addison County as our High Bailiff.

Thank you for your consideration of his candidacy,

Nial Rele


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