Letter to the editor: Single primary ballot needed

With the election on Tuesday now is a good time to point out the shortfalls of the present system. Voters were asked to select either a Republican or Democratic ballot for the presidential primary. Results are predictable this year but there is always the potential for mischief voting as Republicans in some states were planning. What is more alarming though, is what will happen on Aug. 11 for the state primary. Again voters will have to choose a ballot to use. With multiple offices there are often people from multiple parties that you might prefer. That is not permitted under Vermont’s present system.

A better system would put all candidates from all parties on a single ballot. The top two vote getters would be run off in November regardless of parties. In states where this has been implemented candidates are forced to appeal to all voters not just the party faithful. This has resulted in a better functioning legislature, higher voter satisfaction, and increased turnover.

Can you guess why this has not been implemented nationwide yet? The parties would lose their stranglehold of power. Just imagine what we could accomplish if the good of the country was more important than the good of the party. So how do we get there? It starts with us contacting our local representatives. Let them know that it will be difficult to support them if they can’t fix this most basic problem of democracy. Call, write, or email them.

Chris Goodrich


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