Letter to the editor: Stimulus check could help others

In the very near future most Americans will receive a check from the government as part of an attempt to stimulate the economy. Windfall income is always welcome and it is easily spent. But, I am writing as a member of the Middlebury Task Force on Homelessness to request that each of us search our heart and ask if we really need this gift, or if there are others who need it more.

Having worked with other community members for the last two months on short-term solutions for the problems of homelessness in our community, I can state that all of us have been blindsided by COVID-19. We are now sharing daily emails about urgent new and unmet needs. Solutions to these needs often boil down to financial resources. Front line caregivers need protective equipment, the currently homeless and about to become homeless and cashless through lay-offs all need money for daily needs. Of particular concern are those with no permanent address or no tax status who may not even receive this windfall aid.

Please consider if you can forego some or all of your windfall, and give what you can to a local organization working on issues of homelessness and other economically marginal individuals in our community who are about to face truly dire circumstances.

Randy Kritkausky


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