Letter to the editor: Thomas 'a discerning listener,' offers thoughtfulness

Esther Thomas is running for the one-year post on the Middlebury selectboard, the seat previously held by Victor Nuovo. I have come to know Esther as a fellow board member of the Middlebury Natural Foods Coop. She adds energy and thoughtfulness to our work, is a very discerning listener, and has no personal agenda to promote.

Esther moved to Middlebury a couple of years ago to take a position at Middlebury College. She is a Residence Director within the Student Life staff, a job that requires sound management skills, excellent communication, and firm knowledge of guidelines and campus regulations. Esther holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Communication and Public Relations and hence is well prepared for her duties. She relates experiencing a very strong connection with Vermont and the town of Middlebury right from the start, and knew she wanted this as the place to live and raise her two young children.

Esther has much to contribute to the selectboard given her intelligence, energy and commitment to giving back to the community. She offers a particular balance to the selectboard’s membership in that she is a person of color, a single mom who works full-time and lives the challenges of work/life balance and reliable childcare. She can offer a fresh perspective that her particular life experience has taught her, and we can all learn from that.

I encourage you to support Esther’s candidacy … she definitely has my vote!

Louise Vojtisek


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