Letter to the editor: Thomas needed on Middlebury board

I believe Esther Thomas is the right choice for Middlebury selectboard. The town of Middlebury is currently undergoing multiple challenges, some of which predate, but have been exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic. These include challenges with affordability, a declining commercial downtown, and demographic shift.

Esther Thomas will bring a much-needed perspective to the selectboard as the town grapples with best approaches to these challenges. Her close work with college students gives her insight into what is attractive to a younger crowd. Her history with communities of color will help us address how to manage increasing racial diversity in a coherent and equitable way. Her familiarity with the concerns of working-class people, in particular single parents, is especially needed as we consider how best to emerge from a pandemic that has had severe economic impacts on Americans of middle-income and lower tax brackets.

The selectboard has historically done great work. With Esther Thomas, I am sure it will continue to do so, as we all continue to look to the future.

Kemi Fuentes-George

East Middlebury

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