Letter to the editor: Time to enact gun safety laws

A gun is a piece of artillery with high muzzle velocity and trajectory bullet. A gun is used to hunt and shoot the living, dead. Guns kill.

Where do these mass shootings originate?

In the mind. There is a chain reaction to every action. Pulling the trigger on a weapon is the final moment of an event.

Weapons at this time in history seem to be an experiment on the loss of American humanity. Or a simple case of wealth, politics and the NRA power. Where does the guilt lay in the slaughter of American citizens? Everywhere. Everyone. Leaders, voters, gun sellers, gun buyers.

Guns kill.

The chain of events begins with misguided and most often, the mentally ill and disturbed members of our society. They listen to the messages of leaders and other angry souls. The minds of the misguided become confused on that message. A deranged mind does not grasp reality. The measure of what constitutes a sane man becomes murky.

A soul that is not loved, fed, fertilized and treated withers. These mass shooters find themselves in the wrong place, in the wrong state of mind and on the wrong side of a consciousness.

To the dismay of everyone, one more bucket of American blood flows.

Do not pretend that Donald J. Trump does not carry some of this burden. He has made it easy to get weapons for all. His rants get people whipped up into believing it is their duty to kill. Where is American bravery and dignity? Trump’s words and policies have lifted the lid into hell. The loss of leadership and gain of greed is the first link in the chain. The final action is The Gun.

The gun expels the high velocity projectile that blows a human chest apart.

Someone, somehow, needs to close the lid on this hell because Guns Kill People.

Mary Jo Dupoise


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