Letter to the editor: The 'two Daves' deserve your vote on primary day

If you drive by my house, you’ll note that a Black Lives Matter sign is front and center, flanked by signs promoting two Daves: Zuckerman for Governor and Silberman for High Bailiff.

Dave Zuckerman deserves our vote for Governor not just because of his strong performance in the role of Lt. Governor, but because his plans for Vermont combine vision and action. He lives and breathes commitment to the economic, mental, and physical well-being of all Vermonters, and to the future of our beautiful state.

Though I was plenty convinced by my own observation and research, I appreciate that Lt. Gov. Zuckerman has endorsements from Our Revolution, from Rights and Democracy, from Senate Majority Leader Becca Balint, and from Addison County’s own Bill McKibben.

Dave Silberman offers up the gift most of us didn’t know we needed — the chance to understand and make use of the oft-overlooked post of High Bailiff. Dave’s campaign website (his name, dot-com) explains the role better than I can. It’s prime time to examine our systems of law enforcement and criminal justice, and having him (and NOT a member of the law enforcement community) in this role to lead independent, civilian oversight of our sheriff’s office moves us toward increased safety and justice for all. Dave has endorsements from Rights and Democracy, Renew New England, and Senator Ruth Hardy.

I thank both Daves for their dedication to creating a better Vermont. Please join me in supporting them, and use vote-by-mail to make that as easy and safe as possible!

Amy Mason


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