Letter to the editor: Unity is the best way to defeat Trump

The 2020 presidential election is Bernie Sander’s to lose. By this I do not mean that I expect Sanders’s to be the Democratic candidate opposing Donald Trump in November. It will certainly be Joe Biden.

But unless Sanders and his cohort of Bernie Bros abandon their fantasies of a political revolution and unite with moderate Democrats and even some Republicans to defeat Donald Trump, Trump will be reelected. And the consequences of another four years of Trump in the White House are too terrifying to contemplate.

But to prevent this, Sanders must cease his quixotic contests against all establishments, real and imagined, and become a responsible citizen, and join Biden, Klobuchar, Buttigieg, Bloomberg, and I hope Warren, all united with one purpose: to defeat Donald Trump and end his shameful presidency.

And when that victory is won, to continue united to restore the integrity of the nation and to work together to make it a more perfect and more inclusive union.


Victor Nuovo




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