Letter to the editor: U.S. strategy on renewables is poor

In his Dec. 5 editorial Mr. Lynn appropriately calls out the Department of Public Service (DPS) for threatening to strengthen the coal and nuclear industries by effectively halting the progress of solar power by creating an uneven playing field. As coal and nuclear power are both heavily subsidized by fuzzy taxpayer dollars they have a distinct financial advantage over renewables at baseline.

Renewables are open and transparent in their costs to ratepayers, which is apparently a problem for DPS, who would apparently, with their actions, prefer consumers to depend on sources that are not only nonrenewable but also outdated, rickety and dead in terms of growth or expansion. Many nuclear and coal facilities are scheduled to be mothballed in the near future and the assault on renewables is effectively removing hedging our bets against major supply and demand issues for consumers in the future.

Anyone who remembers the effects of the oil embargo on those who use cars should be very wary of an expanding fleet of electric vehicles with no solid plans on how to power them for decades ahead. The assault on renewables is a clear beacon of just how far off the current “strategy” is. There are very few first world countries making human mobility increasingly dependent on a stable supply of electricity without taking steps to assure the needed stability. There is likely only one nation on that same list of following the lead of the DPS and promoting outdated, unreliable and doomed sources of power. ’Murica. (sic)

Anders G. Holm

Portsmouth, N.H.

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