Letter to the editor: Vergennes student urges open debate

I have been disappointed with the recent coverage of the issue of school closure in Addison and Ferrisburgh. It has emphasized the drama surrounding the issue, and has not provided the complete picture for the community to have a productive discussion. I also understand the frustration about a lack of communication from the school board. I think the way this has been covered has only served to exacerbate this issue.

While I, as a student of the Addison Northwest School District, believe that the alternatives to school closure would do more harm to the students then the closure of Addison and Ferrisburgh, I understand that this is a very emotionally complex issue, and I think everyone would benefit from open and honest discussion about the ramifications of a yes or no vote to the students of our district, which could include the cutback or defunding of sports, transportation, AP classes, world languages, music programming, and the Walden Project.

I encourage every voter to take into account what their child has or will benefit from in their school experience, and consider this when they cast their vote. If you have any questions about how school closure could affect students, I would be happy to answer to the best of my abilities at aldonovan-cook@anwsd.org.

Alder Donovan


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