Letter to the editor: We must stay united to turn the tide of the pandemic

Many thanks to the overworked USPS, FedEx and UPS for their ongoing, exemplary service over the holidays and during our long-term home stays when ordering online is growing by leaps and bounds.

Many thanks to all those who continue to wear masks for self-protection and to protect others; to those who continue to go to work every day in the grocery stores; to all health workers in our state and around the country who battle the deadly pandemic on a daily basis; to the teachers who continue to try and give the best education that they can over the computer lines; and to the parents who are home with their kids, while both working at their jobs and backing up what the teachers are doing.

Boredom and stress are rampant, and we need to adhere to the rules and regs if we want to stop this virus. It’s difficult and annoying at times, and we all want to get together with friends and family sooner than later. Businesses are closing. The fear of losing one’s home because of a loss of job and income is very here-and-now for a lot of families. Putting a healthy meal on the table is becoming more and more difficult for many parents.

Please help and volunteer where and when you can. There are many folks out there who need a helping hand now. No shame in it. It’s life this year. Apply to the food shelves and Medicaid for health insurance, as you can’t make it without them. Next year, though ... we will bloom again with the spring and the earth, and there will be hugs and handshakes galore! Hang in there, everyone, and pull together, because “United We Stand” is how we will make it!

Carolyn Van Vleck


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