Letter to the editor: Why I'm voting for Trump

First, Joe Biden is a corrupt career politician (47 years) with no record of achievement, questionable behavior and finances and very possibly entering dementia.

He is not mentally capable of being president of anything, much less the greatest nation in history.

This is a contest between the establishment swamp — the “ruling elite” — and the rest of us.

How many people reading this letter are career politicians, Capitol Hill staffers, Federal bureaucrats, lobbyists or “beltway bandits?”

None, I’ll bet.

Yet many will vote for Biden and the establishment he would shill for because Trump is “rude, crude” and a buffoon who writes “mean” tweets, not smooth and “elegant.”

And what has this “ruling elite” (Democrats AND Republicans) done for the nation beyond spending us into oblivion, waging endless losing wars and enriching themselves?

Trump’s policies brought us a booming economy, historic low unemployment, no more wars and attempts (often unsuccessful) to rein in the Federal bureaucracy.

I’m voting for results.

Tim Vincent


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