“This little light of mine. I’m gonna let it shine.” You too can sing along with Fannie Lou Hamer and feel her vibrancy and power. I choose to honor Fannie Lou Hamer in recognition of International Women’s Day on March 8 and Black History Month and Women’s History Month. Here is part of her story. Herstory is another form of history. Fannie Lou Hamer lived from 1917 to 1977 in Mississippi. She was the youngest of 20 children. Her mother was paid money by the plantation owner for producing one more future field hand. Fannie Lou and her family worked as sharecroppers. Fannie Lou married Perry “...
Quarry Hill School would like to acknowledge the sponsors who helped make our annual ski race, The Iguana Cup Challenge. The March 17 event at the Middlebury College Snow Bowl was a huge fundraising success this year. Thank you for your generous support: Addison County Dairy Consulting, American Flatbread Middlebury Hearth, Basin Reclaimed, Bee’s Wrap, Daly Dental Practice, Danforth Pewter, Green Peppers, Laberge Insurance, Little Pressroom and Middlebury College Snow Bowl. And also Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op, Middlebury Ski Club, Monument Farms, Multi Builders, Murphy Landscape Design...
Do I scare you? They call it Islamophobia after all. Do I scare you? Does my family scare you? Let me give you a summary of us, in case you didn’t really know us all that well.   Me, Standing at about 5 foot 2 inches, With big, bushy, fuzzy hair And a penchant for zoning out and Always having graphite-stained fingers.   My sister, 10 years old, who once made Her own little snack dispenser Out of a cardboard box and some tape.   My father, Who makes us pancakes in the mornings, Who loves gardening and prides himself On making food out of our own vegetables In the summers...
Burlington Police Chief Brandon Del Pozo refuses to identify a driver who hit and killed a pedestrian in the North End earlier this month. The Chief says the driver won’t be charged with a crime; was traumatized by the accident; is as much of a victim as the dead pedestrian; and (as such) is deserving of sensitivity. “… We decided to withhold his name both as a matter of compassion and under the provisions in Vermont law that require taking steps to protect the identity of victims and witnesses,” Del Pozo wrote on Facebook. His post generated a small cheering section of people who “liked” the...
Once upon on time, I sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. I learned important lessons about setting goals and navigating to a far off destination that — while very real — was not yet in sight. I learned to pick out a star and steer by it. The star was not the destination, but it pointed the way. As a state senator, the star I steer by these days is a vision of prosperity for Vermont. The destination itself we will define through work together in the years ahead to create a state that offers all of us the support and help needed to reach our best future in terms of health, family, community and...
The editorial in the Dec. 31 edition of the Independent, “Bristol’s rocky road with VG,” makes an important point about “the growing recognition of the environmental harm caused by the fracking process to extract natural gas and its diminished value as a fuel with a lower carbon footprint.” For purposes of future conversations about natural gas pipelines in the state of Vermont, it should be noted that the propane (a natural gas liquid) produced and marketed in the U.S. comes from the same fracked wells as methane (natural gas). Margie Latham Middlebury
Call me a contrarian. Or even a Pollyanna. But when everyone around me is filled with gloom and despair, seeing dire portents in every political headline, I try to find trends that encourage me. And I’m finding them. It could be that my hopes outrun the realities. But I’m guardedly optimistic that’s not the case. If there’s a single theme that ties them together, it seems to me that many people are beginning to view government with greater realism as to what it can do about improving the quality of life of our people. Don’t get me wrong — there are still plenty of Americans who believe that...
The Town Hall Theater’s Education team, namely Courageous Stage’s Lindsay Pontius, Craig Maravich and their wonderful team of artists and educators did an incredible and moving job with about 90 local fifth and sixth graders from four different elementary schools as the kids performed “Henry IV, Part I” last Thursday evening. Congratulations to all involved! I’ve really never seen anything like “Shakespeare: It’s Elementary.” The kids were so passionate and earnest in their work — acting, singing, and supporting each other. I saw several instances of kids looking out for each other and being...
I read with interest the letter from Ian Ross recently printed in the Dec. 3 issue of your paper. There is little to disagree within Ian’s letter. I too have lived in Middlebury all my life and have watched our country change over the years. We no longer live in an insular society. But I have a perspective that can also be of value. I spent 40 years as an educator in Vermont high schools. I have hunted for 58 years and mostly in Cornwall. I have also been a hunting safety instructor for many years for the State of Vermont, and since Columbine, I have taken seriously the issue of school safety...
I was glad to read in the Dec. 3, 2018, issue of the Addison Independent about the testing being done to grow saffron amongst solar arrays. Many times I’ve seen people write or talk about solar arrays removing land from agricultural production. While that may be true for dairy and beef cows or for hay and corn, and while those large scale agricultural endeavors are important to our local economy, they are not the only kinds of agriculture. Commercial or residential developments strip away topsoil for buildings, driveways, and parking lots. Those kinds of development more or less permanently...


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