Innocent victims of gun violence in the United States are often left with a lifetime of physical pain, disability and post-traumatic stress. Family members and friends are often left with the responsibility of care giving, not to mention grief and shock. Families of the deceased not only may lose the earning power of the individual -— many poor families cannot afford a funeral they never expected. Since we don’t have affordable universal health coverage in this country, the financial burden on families of gun violence can be catastrophic, adding to the horror of it all. In addition to much...
Every year, when budget writers in Montpelier begin their work — and legislators begin to determine what to spend — the backdrop of these conversations is marked by a unavoidable reality: Vermont has a serious problem with its unfunded liabilities. All together, we have a total liability of just over $8 billion — that’s billion, with a “b.” For comparative purposes, that’s larger than our entire state budget. These liabilities are composed of our teachers’ pension ($3.4 billion), teachers other post-employment benefits, or OPEB ($0.9 billion), state employees’ pension ($2.7 billion), and...

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