Opinion: Middlebury residents support town office proposal

From the residents of Middlebury:

We would like to thank, support and endorse the Select Board for presenting a well thought out plan for the proposed new Town Offices and Recreation Center. The issue has been scrutinized thoroughly from every conceivable angle by a team of thoughtful and impartial citizens and officials for many years, and it is our opinion that the offer currently on the table from the College will serve to further the best interests of our fine community well into the future.

The bottom line is that, without the College’s support, the entire project will cost the Town roughly $7.5 million; the college contribution reduces the burden to about $2 million. It is now time to put our shoulders to the task of joining together to create new buildings and a new green space of which we can all be proud.

We are fortunate once again for the financial backing of the College to lessen the tax burden of this undertaking, and we look forward to a continuation of the alliance that has made Middlebury the envy of others.

Tim Hollander, Scott Needham, Nancy Malcolm


Editor’s note: The three letter writers submitted this on behalf of more than 250 Middlebury residents. This letter raises a legitimate point that is appropriate to the letters forum in the paper. The Addison Independenthas long had a policy, however, that limits the listing of names to letters in this forum. To that end, the supporters of the letter have purchased an advertisement with all 250-plus signers that is displayed on Page 7A.

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