Opinion: Middlebury selectman Nuovo explains his resignation

Editor's note: Former Middlebury Selectman Victor Nuovo, who recently resigned from the selectboard, submitted the following letter to the editor:


To help clarify my reasons for resigning from the Middlebury selectboard, I would appreciate it if you would print my letter of resignation of Jan. 2 to selectboard chair Dean George for anyone interested to read.

Victor Nuovo



Dear Dean,

With this letter I hereby submit my resignation from the Select Board of the Town of Middlebury to take effect immediately.

The comedy of errors surrounding my alleged conflict of interest has prevented me from performing my duties as a selectman, and it has become a cause of distraction for the Select Board and for the Town. These circumstances are sufficient to justify my decision. Contending against futility is not a virtue. I have the power to remove an impediment and I am doing it. And I would remind my colleagues on the Select Board that, whatever their individual preferences and dispositions, they have a duty to ensure that the voters of the Town of Middlebury have the opportunity to vote on the Town Offices/Recreation Facility project.

I leave the Select Board with a sense of sadness of uncompleted work, but confident that this work will be brought to a satisfactory completion by others well suited to achieve it (supposing oneself to be indispensible in civic matters is supreme arrogance and folly), with pride in work done, and with gratitude, to the voters, who elected me, to you, Dean, for your superb leadership, to colleagues on the Select Board past and present for their good will, support, and good example, and to the Town Manager and the Town Staff for  dedicated and extraordinary service. All of you have been an inspiration to me. I shall always cherish your friendship.

Yours sincerely,

Victor Nuovo

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