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Inspired by Addison Independent reporter John Flowers’ story about his dog Roxie in last Thursday’s Arts + Leisure section, here is the story of Alfie. Santa brought me a red cockapoo puppy this Christmas. At six months old, Alfie has never had a haircut. We have no idea what he looks like under his dreadlocks! I keep asking Paul, “Do you think he’s getting fat?” We’re hoping he’s like Roxie under it all. He has his first haircut appointment scheduled at Comfort Hill on the 27th, so we’ll find out then. I’m doing consulting work from home, and the look he has in this picture is the one I get...
Hi, I’m Tilly. I was recently adopted from Homeward Bound and now live in Salisbury with my new humans Brian and Leah. I love to play with my toys — especially when my people are playing with me too! I also like to watch the birds and squirrels outside at the feeder. I think I want to go outside too but it is a big scary world out there for a little kitty. Tilly   Note from the humans... Tilly thought we should send a more dignified picture but we like this one. Brian and Leah Keller Salisbury
Hi! My name is Ally Lawton, and I just turned 63 a couple of days ago (that’s 9 in human years). Although I don’t live in Addison County, I visit frequently to see my doggy nieces, Yuki and Ruby, who live in Middlebury, and we have a lot of fun together. Once, I was feeling particularly brave (and hungry), I ate some delicious cheese right off the coffee table when my owners were watching! Although I love cheese, my other favorite food is salmon. When I wake up every morning, I dig under the covers trying to find my special black pillow then make my owner chase me for it. It’s probably my...
Duke was adopted from Homeward Bound in May of 2019. Duke loves to play, sniff, protect his new home and go for walks. He is a great cuddle buddy, loves to sit on the couch and watch the world through the large picture window. It took some time for Duke to adjust to his new home, but he has become a loyal pal to all! Dukey is always up for an adventure, whether it’s a car ride, a walk, playing in the brook outside his house or in the deep snow. He has a keene nose and picks up interesting scents wherever he goes. Just look into his eyes, all your troubles will soon fade away. Gotta go,...
I’m a two-year-old rescue from Virginia who’s learning to love Vermont snow. I’m not always very aware of my surroundings; I sometimes sit up and beg at the edge of the sofa — good thing I’ve got lots of furry padding! I have a healthy suspicion of my food dish; when I’m done eating, I moonwalk backwards away from it so it doesn’t ambush me. My ability to discover random “snacks” is legendary, and when I’m happy, I like to run full-speed into the nearest piece of furniture. What a time to be alive!  Midori Batten Bristol
Hello! My name is Nieve. I am a sweet girl and 14 years old. I was a sled dog before I was adopted. My best friend was my sister Chili, but she died this past summer. I love getting treats, especially turkey! I love going on walks and being snuggled by my family. You might see me walking around town. I love seeing other dogs because I am very friendly! I am very furry and love being petted. My ears are the softest part of me. Kaisa and Maëlle Remsen Middlebury
Moira loves to hike in the woods with me, jumping over sticks on command. I have set up a stick course for her in the woods that we navigate each day. She can jump over and back and even sideways. Anything for a Greenie! Not bad for an 11-year-old Norwegian Elkhound who clearly loves to eat as naturally as possible. Her diet is of raw meats, fruits and cooked veggies with added supplements. She also looks forward to chewing big beef knuckle bones whenever I can find them locally. Mary Mester Ripton
Fiona is 10 months old and loves wrestling with her kitty friends Sweetie Pie and Silas, going to the park with her big brother Harrison, and running around the neighborhood visiting whenever she can escape her pet yard. She’s learning to leave her parents’ shoes alone, now that she is done teething, and curls up on top of the sofa to relax. She loves camping and hiking and has already climbed Camel’s Hump. Every day is a busy play day for Fiona! Alice Grau Bridport
My name is Queso! I am originally from Los Angeles, but now found a home in Vermont. I do not like the cold weather or the abundance of wildlife, the chipmunks are especially troublesome. When I am not defending the home from critters, I am found snuggling under the blankets with my family - I refuse all dog beds.  Sometimes when things go wrong in the house, it is never my fault. My feline roommate/archenemy, Nora, is to blame.  Lisa Woronzoff Cornwall
Hi my name is Roscoe and this is the position you can normally find me in. I love to take baths and chase my tail (which is a new thing I just learned I had). I am 2 years old and live with my humans and my daughter Bagheera. I don’t go outside but my favorite thing to do is sit upon my cat tower and watch all the excitement happening outside especially the neighbors kitty who likes to sit on my front porch and tease me. Carrie Lussier Bristol


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