Peter Conlon

Gov. Scott, the state’s chambers of commerce and even our own Addison County Economic Development Corporation last week and this week have gone on the attack because the state Legislature did not quickly rubber stamp Gov. Scott’s recent proposal for $400 million in economic aid. Here’s a fact check: The $400 million proposal put forward by the Scott administration was well-intended, but devoid of the statutory language needed to make it law. A PowerPoint presentation is not the same as fleshed-out legislation. Further, both the executive and legislative branches are constantly learning about...
The Addison Central School District Board continues to gather and process information needed to develop the ACSD Facilities Master Plan. Now over two years into the development of the plan, we continue to recognize how important it is for us to create a road map that leverages our strength as a unified district, responds to declining enrollment, and allows us to be proactive in responding to the financial pressures ahead that are impacting districts across Addison County and the state. This work is challenging, and we appreciate how important it is for our entire community to work together to...

SALISBURY — Residents of the Addison-2 Legislative District (Cornwall, Goshen, Hancock, Leicester, Ripton and Salisbury) are invited to join Rep. Peter Conlon for a look at how the Legislative process works in Vermont, from idea, to bill, to law, and how citizens can be involved. This non-political talk will be held at the Salisbury Public Library (right in the village) on Thursday, Nov. 14, from 7-9 p.m. Come learn how the Vermont process differs from the “I’m Just a Bill” lessons we all learned on TV, and how Vermont’s small size means that citizens can play big roles in it. A short...
With so much attention in the pages of the Addison Independent paid to the challenges that the school systems of Addison County are facing in light of declining enrollment, building needs and other factors, it seemed an opportune time to provide an update on the status of work in the Addison Central School District. The ACSD Board is in the midst of creating a Facilities Master Plan. This plan is to provide guidance to the ACSD Board of today and in the future to address how best to use our buildings and other facilities in a way that continues to build a strong educational program that is a...
I read with some relief when the state police claimed that the recent harassment at and vandalism to Mexican farmworkers’ homes in Bridport was the result of a feud over access to a fishing spot, and not directed at these folks for who they are. That relief vanished after talking with the main victim of this harassment, whose home was visited two nights by a group of men yelling, firing shots or setting off fireworks and hitting the house, including his air conditioner that was in an unlocked window. He is a Mexican immigrant and so is his wife. They have young kids. He is a dedicated husband...

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