For many, it seemed like a heartwarming idea: rescuing a pup from the local shelter to help battle loneliness during the coronavirus quarantine. From the minute the dog came home, they could do no wrong — until, for some owners, shoes were chewed on, socks went missing, carpets were stained, and furniture became glorified dog beds. Sometimes, other unexpected behaviors came through, like pulling on the leash, baring teeth over scraps, or barking Now is a good time for pet owners to find a trainer to help work through issues they and the dog may be experiencing. For starters, consider the type...

MERYL SIEGMAN’S HANDS show some of the puncture wounds she suffered while shielding her puppy from an attack by bear-hunting hounds in the Green Mountain National Forest near the Ripton-Goshen border earlier this month. Photo courtesy of Meryl Siegman and Ron Scapp
RIPTON — On Saturday, Oct. 19, around mid-day, a pack of bear hunting dogs attacked two hikers and their puppy on the Catamount Trail in the Green Mountain National Forest near the Ripton-Goshen border.   Former Ripton resident Meryl Siegman, 65, and her husband, Ron Scapp, 64, who have been hiking in the area for more than 30 years, had completed roughly one-quarter of their intended walk when they heard barking, they told the Independent.   “Almost instantaneously we were swarmed by five dogs,” Siegman said.   Scapp described them as “big hound dogs, in the 60- to 80-pound range, wearing...

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