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MIDDLEBURY — A group of Middlebury-area residents is circulating a petition aimed at forcing two major changes to the Addison Central School District charter that they said would give voters in the seven ACSD-member communities more power in preserving their local elementary schools if they are targeted for future closure. The group has dubbed itself “Save Our Schools ACSD” and is largely made up of residents from Ripton and Weybridge — two of the ACSD’s smallest (by enrollment) elementary schools. The ACSD includes the grade schools in Bridport, Cornwall, Middlebury, Ripton, Salisbury,...
Closing a town’s elementary school was as tough as predicted: In the town of Addison, voters on Tuesday rejected the Addison Northwest School District’s suggestion to voluntarily close its school by a three-to-one margin: 373 opposed to 123 in favor. Ferrisburgh voters rejected a similar recommendation by a five-to-one margin, 884 opposed and 160 in favor. No surprise in either instance. Town residents sent a clear message on several fronts: 1) they wanted to keep their schools open; 2) as a community, they wanted be in driver’s seat when it came to making the decision to keep their schools...

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