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On the issue of school consolidation, here’s how the Addison Central School District may have unintentionally created a problem that has become detrimental to the district’s smaller towns and to the greater district: Simply put, in crafting the district’s charter, they created a structure that favored a district bias over the bias of individual towns. The board’s intent, understandably, was to create a stronger district across all schools — to create better pay equity from school to school among teachers and administrators, and better student outcomes by providing equitable opportunities to...
As the new school year gets under way later this month, the Addison Independent’s editorial discussions will spend a week reviewing the thrust of Act 46 — the law passed in 2015 to consolidate school governance as a response to the changing demographics and diminished number of students in many school districts. While many communities and school districts readily accepted the tax incentives to do so — not to mention a more manageable school governance apparatus for school officials — we’re just now on the cusp of what could be very controversial decisions: that of potentially merging some...
Angelo Lynn
In the third of our summer series of discussion points, we’ll launch a one-time discussion into Act 46, the bill passed three years ago that mandated a consolidation of school governance with the expectations that school districts facing declining student counts might find ways to contain expenses. The upshot of that law and process has forced the topic of school consolidation to the forefront. Locally, the Rutland Northeast Supervisory District, representing the greater Leicester-Brandon-Pittsford area that comprises Otter Valley Union High School, has pursued school mergers ahead of the...
RIPTON — While area classrooms have gone silent for the summer, Addison Central School District officials continue to work on a facilities master plan that will guide future decisions on building repairs and possible school closures within the ACSD. A group of Ripton residents want to make sure their elementary school doesn’t appear on a future closures list if the ACSD board chooses to take the consolidation route. The ASCD board on Monday, July 15, is slated to decide whether to include in its facilities master plan an architectural study of the capacity of the district’s elementary and...

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