Local swimmers post wins at league meet

EIGHT-YEAR-OLD LAUREN HUSK of the Vergennes Swim Team powers through a freestyle race at the Champlain Valley Swim League Championship Meet in Middlebury on Saturday. She was on the winning 100-yard medley relay for girls age 8 and younger. Independent photo/Steve James

NICOLA POWER, AGE 7, of the Middlebury Marlins dives into the pool at the start of the girls’ 8-and-under 25-yard breaststroke at the CVSL championship meet in Middlebury on Saturday. She was on the Middlebury relay that earned 4th in the 100-yard free relay. Independent photo/Steve James

MIDDLEBURY MARLIN FIVE-YEAR-OLD Cassandra Bellmann is welcomed by her coach Alli Martin after finishing the girls’ 8-and-under 25-yard backstroke at the CVSL championship meet on Saturday. Independent photo/Steve James

PETRA FEARON, 9, swims the butterfly leg of the girls 10 and under medley relay race at the CVSL championship meet in Middlebury on Saturday. Her Vergennes Champs quartet was sixth. Independent photo/Steve James

MARLIN CONSTANTIN BELLMAN crawls his way through the freestyle leg of the boys’ 8-and-under 100-yards individual medley. Independent photo/Steve James

MARLIN LOUISA ORTEN, 10, focuses on her stroke during the individual medley on Friday. She joined with her sister Eleanor, Sadie Chance and Lily Allen to claim fifth in the 100-yard free relay. Independent photo/Steve James

EIGHT-YEAR-OLD Constantin Bellmann of Middlebury powers his way through the water in the 8-and-under 50-yard freestyle race at the CVSL championship meet on Saturday. Independent photo/Steve James

Vergennes Champs’ swimmer Sophia James powers her way thorough the butterfly leg of the Girls Under-10 100-yards individual medley at the CVSL championship meet in Middlebury on Friday. Independent photo/Steve James

Conn McNamara, of the Middlebury Marlins, shows his precise style in the breaststroke during the boys Under-14 100 yards individual medley at the CVSL championship meet in Middlebury on Friday. Independent photo/Steve James

MIDDLEBURY — Addison County residents were recognized for their excellence both in and out of the pool this past Friday and Saturday, July 26 and 27, in the Champlain Valley Swim League Championships. Eight teams, totaling 510 athletes, traveled from as far away as St. Albans to compete at the Middlebury Town Pool.

The Vergennes Swim Team, known as the Champs, took 4th place overall, and the Middlebury Marlins finished 7th.

The Champlain Valley Swim League Championships team title went to the Edge Swim Club from Williston, which garnered 1,080 points overall. Essex claimed second with 1,302 points, followed by Burlington Tennis Club (1,273), Vergennes Swim Team (1,227), Burlington Country Club (1,064), Winooski (837.50), Middlebury (820.50) and St. Albans in 8th with 684 points.

Led by Carlyn Rapoport and Adrienne Smits, who both won an individual event and swam on a winning relay, the Vergennes girls finished 2nd among girls’ squads and thus played a crucial role in securing the Champs’ 4th place overall finish.

Thirteen-year-old Rapoport finished first in the 14-and-under 50-yard breaststroke and swam a leg on the girls’ U-14 200-yard free relay. Smits, age 10, topped the 10-and-under 25-yard freestyle competition, and also contributed to Vergennes’ U-10 100-yard freestyle relay win.

Flint Crary helped to land the Vergennes boys in 5th place and the team’s overall 4th place finish with his 25-yard freestyle win.

Two Vergennes relays finished first. Joining Rapoport on the winning girls’ U-14 200-yard freestyle were Madelyn Giroux, Acadia Clark and Hadley Harris. The winning Vergennes quartet in the girls’ U-10 100-yard freestyle relay were Isabella Romond, Ellie Brooks, Ella Bearor, and Smits.

While Middlebury did not fair as well in team scoring as the Champs, the Marlins did have five first-place finishers. In girls’ 8-and-under, Aurora Foley finished first in the 25-yard fly, and Mitzi Poduschnick topped the 25-yard breaststroke. Foley also earned a bronze in the 25-yard freestyle, and Poduschnick in the 25-yard fly.

Marlin Ava Schneider also finished first in the girls’ U-12 50-yard freestyle. Schneider had an impressive meet with silvers in the 100-yard IM and 50-yard fly. For boys, Fraser Milligan topped the U-18 100-yard freestyle event, and Oliver Poduschnick won the U-18 50-yard freestyle.

Among the Marlins’ relays, the girls’ U-12 200-yard freestyle took second (Emma Morrissey, Lila Cook Yoder, Kaitlin Sulik-Doty and Lucy Poduschnick finished in 2:11.52, just behind the Edge Swim Club), and the U-18 boys were third in the 200-yard freestyle (Will Carpenter, Devon Kearns, Milligan and O. Poduschnick pulled off a time of 1:36.69).

Several Champs and Marlins took home silver medals, as well. Will Clark (three), Clark Crary (two) and Connor Husk (two) all placed second in more than one event, and Lauren Husk, Eliot Schnider, Annika Smits, Constantin Bellman, and Patrick Stone also earned a silver.

While the Vergennes and Middlebury swimmers excelled in the pool, Middlebury resident Suzanne Snider was recognized for her outstanding support of the swimming community with the Allen B. Cummings CVSL Volunteer Award. Past Marlin Ciara Eagan noted that Snider was always very nice and helpful. This marks Snider’s last year helping at the Middlebury Town Pool, and her presence will be greatly missed.

Swimmers from Vergennes and Middlebury will compete this Saturday and Sunday at the VSA State Championship Meet in White River Junction.

Marlins and Champs scoring points with top-12 finishes in individual races were:

• Girls’ U-18 100-yard Butterfly: 7. Madelyn Giroux, V; 9. Acadia Clark, V.

• Girls’ U-8 100 IM: 2. Lauren Husk, V; Mitzi Poduschnick, M.

• Girls’ U-10 100 IM: 6. Sadie Chance, M; 7. Sophia James, V.

• Boys’ U-10 100 IM: 3. Noah Smits, V; 6. Juan De La Cruz, V.

• Girls’ U-12 100 IM: 2. Ava Schneider, M; 8. Lucy Poduschnick, M; 11. Kaitlin Sulik-Doty, M.

• Boys’ U-12 100 IM: 13. Maxwell Goodfellow, V.

• Girls’ U-14 100 IM: 5. A. Clark, V.

• Boys’ U-14 100 IM: 4. Connor McNamara, M.

• Boys’ U-18 100 IM: 4. Eliot Schneider, M.

• Girls’ U-18 100 Breaststroke: 3. Carlyn Rapoport, V; 7. Holly Staats, M.

• Boys’ U-18 100 Breaststroke: 3. Fraser Milligan, M; 5. Noah Engvall, V.

• Boys’ U-18 100 Backstroke: 5. Aidan Chance, M; 7. Adam Clark, V.

• Girls’ U-12 100 Free: 8. Lila Cook Yoder, M.

• Girls’ U-14 100 Free: 3. Natalie Rockwell, M; 5. C. Rapoport, V; 7. Bee Eckels, V.

• Boys’ U-14 100 Free: 5. A. Chance, M.

• Boys’ U-18 100 Free: 1. Milligan, M, 53.58; 2. E. Schneider, M; 4. Andy Rockwell, M; 6. Jarret Muzzy, V; 7. D. Rapoport, V.

• Girls’ U-8 100 Medley Relay: 1. V, (Annika Smits, Reese Muzzy, L. Husk, Jordan Hutchins) 1:34.72; 2. V, (Isabella De La Cruz, Skylar LaMothe, Casey Clark, Ayla Kittredge); 3. M, (Nicola Power, M. Poduschnick, Aurora Foley, Cassandra Bellman).

• Boys’ U-8 100 Medley Relay: 2. V, (Connor Husk, Skyler James, Flint Crary, Greyson VanderWey).

• Girls’ U-10 100 Medley Relay: 4. V, (Ellie Brooks, Sophie James, Ellie Bearor, Adrienne Smits); 6. V, (Isabella Romond, Ellie Eckels, Petra Fearon, Aries Gee); 8. M, (Eleanor Orten, Lily Allen, S. Chance, Louisa Orten); 12. M, (Fiona Mackey, Julia Morrissey, Elle MacIntyre, Elisabeth Rockwell).

• Boys’ U-10 100 Medley Relay: 2. V, (Will Clark, N. Smits, Clark Crary, Cohen Howell); 6. M, (Isaiah Robinson, Constantin Bellman, Daniel Power, Jorgen Pirrung); 9. V, (Rowan Neffinger, J. De La Cruz, Quinn LeBeau, Joey Maneen).

• Girls’ U-8 50 Free: 3. A. Smits, V; 4. L. Husk, V.

• Boys’ U-8 50 Free: 1. C. Bellman, M, 41.87; 2. C. Husk, V.

• Girls’ U-10 50 Free: 2. A. Smits, V; 6. Ella Bearor, V; 8. Romond, V.

• Boys’ U-10 50 Free: 2. W. Clark, V; 3. C. Howell, V; 8. N. Smits, V; 10, Q. LeBeau, V.

• Girls’ U-8 25 Butterfly: 1. A. Foley, M, 19.43; 2. M. Poduschnick, M; 3. L. Husk, V; 6. Hutchins, V; R. Muzzy, V.

• Boys’ U-8 25 Butterfly: 3. F. Crary, V; 4. C. Bellman, M; 5. C. Husk, V.

• Girls’ U-10 25 Butterfly: 4. A. Smits, V; 7. L. Orten, M, 8. S. Chance, M; 10. Bearor, V; 11. James, V.

• Boys’ U-10 25 Butterfly: 2. C. Crary, V; 8. Q. LeBeau, V; 12. D. Power, M.

• Girls’ U-8 25 Backstroke: 2. A. Smits, V; 6. I. De La Cruz, V; 8. Kittredge, V; 12. C. Clark, V.

• Boys’ U-8 25 Backstroke: 2. C. Husk, V; 7. Paul Foley, M; 9. VanderWey, V.

• Girls’ U-10 25 Backstroke: 3. I. Romond, V; 4. Brooks, V; 7. Bearor, V; 10. E. Orten, M.

• Boys’ U-10 25 Backstroke: 2. W. Clark, V; 8. C. Howell, V; 12. Robinson, M.

• Girls’ U-8 25 Breaststroke: 1. M. Poduschnick, M, 23.90; 3. I. De La Cruz, V; 4. R. Muzzy, V; 5. S. LaMothe, V; 6. Hutchins, V; 7. L. Husk, V; 8. Kittredge, V; 11. C. Clark, V.

• Boys’ U-8 25 Breaststroke: 2. C. Bellman, M; 3. F. Crary, V; 6. C. Husk, V; 9. James, V.

• Girls’ U-10 25 Breaststroke: 9. Eckels, V; 11. S. Chance, M; 12. Brooks, V.

• Boys’ U-10 25 Breaststroke: 2. C. Crary, V; 3. N. Smits, V; 7. S. Giroux, V; 8. J. De La Cruz, V; 9. D. Power, M; 11. Robinson, M.

• Girls’ U-8 25 Free: 2. A. Foley, M; 4. Kittredge, V; 5. Hutchins, V; 6. A. Smits, V; 8. C. Clark, V; 9. R. Muzzy, V; 10. I. De La Cruz, V.

• Boys’ U-8 25 Free: 1. F. Crary, V, 15.89; 12. P. Foley, M.

• Girls’ U-10 25 Free: 1. A. Smits, V, 15.11; 5. L. Orten, M; 6. Romond, V; 7. A. Gee, V; 9. Brooks, V.

• Boys’ U-10 25 Free: 2. W. Clark, V; 3. C. Howell, V; 5. C. Crary, V.

• Girls’ U-8 100 Free Relay: 2. V, (Hutchins, C. Clark, R. Muzzy, A. Smits); 4. M, (A. Foley, C. Bellman, N. Power, M. Poduschnick); 8. V, (Maneen, C. Neffinger, Angier, I. De La Cruz).

• Boys’ U-8 100 Free Relay: 3. V, (VanderWey, Yarbrough, James, F. Crary).

• Girls’ U-10 100 Free Relay: 1. V, (Romond, Brooks, Bearor, A. Smits) 1:10.90; 5. M, (S. Chance, L. Allen, E. Orten, L. Orten); 8. V, (James, Kruse, Fearon, Gee); 10. V, (Kittredge, S. LaMothe, VanderWey, Eckels).

• Boys’ U-10 100 Free Relay: 2. V, (C. Howell, Q. LeBeau, C. Crary, W. Clark); 6. M, (D. Power, J. Carpenter, Pirrung, Robinson).

• Girls’ U-12 200 Medley Relay: 5. M, (Sulik-Doty, E. Morrissey, L. Poduschnick, Cook Yoder); 11. V, (Regan Mayhew, Amelia LaMothe, Nola Roberts, Marianna Webb).

• Girls’ U-14 200 Medley Relay: 3. V, (Hadley Harris, Rapoport, A. Clark, M. Giroux).

• Girls’ U-18 200 Medley Relay: 7. V, (Anna Rakowski, Sydney Jewell, Grace LeBeau, Jordan Jewell); 9. M, (Catherine Carpenter, H. Staats, A. Schneider, N. Rockwell); 10. V, (Karyn Kenfield, Eckels, Emma Huestis, Adelaide Brooks).

• Boys’ U-18 200 Medley Relay: 5. M, (A. Chance, Devon Kearns, A. Rockwell, McNamara); 6. V, (A. Clark, Engvall, J. Muzzy, N. Muzzy).

• Girls’ U-12 50 Butterfly: 2. A. Schneider, M; 6. L. Poduschnick, M.

• Boys’ U-12 50 Butterfly: 3. Fearon, V.

• Girls’ U-14 50 Butterfly: 7. N. Rockwell, M; 16. C. Carpenter, M.

• Boys’ U-14 50 Butterfly: 2. P. Stone, M.

• Girls’ U-18 50 Butterfly: 7. H. Staats, M; 11. S. Jewell, V; 12. J. Jewell, V.

• Boys’ U-18 50 Butterfly: 6. Nathan Stone, M; 7. Kearns, M; 8. E. Schneider, M; 9. A. Rockwell, M; 11. Engvall, V.

• Boys’ U-12 50 Backstroke: 10. Julian Potter, V.

• Girls’ U-14 50 Backstroke: 4. H. Harris, V; 10. B. Eckels, V.

• Boys’ U-14 50 Backstroke: 3. P. Stone, M.

• Girls’ U-18 50 Backstroke: 5. A. Rakowski, V; 9. Kenfield, V.

• Boys' U-18 50 Backstroke: 5. O. Poduschnick, M; 7. W. Carpenter, M; 9. A. Clark, V.

• Girls’ U-12 50 Breaststroke: 4. Sulik-Doty, M, 39.19; 5. E. Morrissey, M; 7. L. Poduschnick, M; 8. Cook Yoder, M.

• Girls’ U-14 50 Breaststroke: 1. C. Rapoport, V, 34.88; 4. Harris, V; 7. SydneyAdreon, V.

• Boys’ U-14 50 Breaststroke: 4. McNamara, M; 7. N. Muzzy, V; 10. P. Stone, M.

• Girls’ U-18 50 Breaststroke: 6. H. Staats, M.

• Boys’ U-18 50 Breaststroke: 4. O. Poduschnick, M; 6. W. Carpenter, M; 8. Kearns, M; 10. Engvall, V.

• Girls’ U-12 50 Free: 1. A. Schneider, M, 28.89; 5. E. Morrissey, M.

• Boys’ U-12 50 Free: 12. Fearon, V.

• Girls’ U-14 50 Free: 4. M. Giroux, V; 7. H. Harris, V; 8. N. Rockwell, M.

• Boys’ U-14 50 Free: 6. McNamara, M; 7. P. Stone, M; 11. N. Muzzy, V.

• Girls’ U-18 50 Free: 9. J. Jewell, V; 10. Rakowski, V; 11. S. Jewell, V.

• Boys’ U-18 50 Free: 1. O. Poduschnick, M, 23.46; 3. Milligan, M; 5. W. Carpenter, M; 6. Kearns, M; 7. J. Muzzy, V; 11. A. Clark, V.

• Girls’ U-12 200 Free Relay: 2. M, (E. Morrissey, Cook Yoder, Sulik-Doty, L. Poduschnick); 9. V, (Mayhew, M. Webb, A. LaMothe, Roberts).

• Boys’ U-12 200 Free Relay: 5. V, (P. Maneen, Goodfellow, J. Potter, Fearon).

• Girls’ U-14 200 Free Relay: 1. V, (M. Giroux, A. Clark, C. Rapoport, H. Harris) 1:54.40.

• Girls’ U-18 200 Free Relay: 5. V, (J. Jewell, S. Jewell, G. LeBeau, A. Rakowski); 6. M, (A. Schneider, C. Carpenter, N. Rockwell, H. Staats); 10. V, (B. Eckels, S. Adreon, A. Brooks, K. Kenfield).

• Boys’ U-18 200 Free Relay: 3. M, (W. Carpenter, Kearns, Milligan, O. Poduschnick); 7. M, (A. Rockwell, McNamara, A. Chance, E. Schneider). 

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