More bow hunters successful in November

ADDISON COUNTY — Due to an apparent computer glitch at New Haven wildlife reporting station Rack ’N Reel, more than two-dozen successful bow hunters were not initially reported to the Addison Independent in early November.

The exclusions do not appear to be operator error: The dates of the missing deer range from the Oct. 5 opening day of the archery season through Oct. 26, close to its Nov. 1 conclusion, and weights range from a fawn to the largest deer reported in the county during the season, a 199-pound, 7-pointer Paul Deering brought down in Bridport and brought to Rack ’N Reel on Oct. 19.

Deering’s wife had earlier alerted the Independent about that oversight, and on this past Thursday store employee Kirk Cousino said other hunters had called Rack ’N Reel to say the Independent also had not reported their archery deer. Cousino then checked the Department of Fish and Wildlife lists, confirmed the omissions, and supplied an updated list.

The 27 additional deer brings the total number weighed in Addison County during archery season to 251, a number that trails only 2018’s 274 for the local archery season since the Independent has been tracking deer-season takes.

The new information also pushes 2019 further past 2018’s record-setting pace. The record refers to seasons since wildlife officials in 2005 enacted a ban on shooting spikehorn bucks during rifle season.

Counting all four seasons — archery, Youth Hunting Weekend, rifle, and December’s combined muzzleloader/bow — in 2018 hunters had 1,345 deer weighed in Addison County.

In 2018 by the end of the opening weekend of rifle season hunters had taken 459 deer.

Now, in 2019, hunters by the end of opening weekend had taken 668. If the trend continues, 2019 could be the fourth straight year a record is set.

 The following hunters had deer weighed at Rack ’N Reel during archery season, but their results were not initially reported. They are listed by name, town of kill, and deer details (weight if a doe, and pounds-points if a buck).

Congratulations to:

Paul Deering, Bridport, buck 199-7 and doe 121; Kevin Kayhart, Waltham, buck 180-8; James Sweeney, Monkton, buck 173-5; Francis Lalumiere, Weybridge, buck 171-6; Brent Perkins, Addison, buck 154-7; Andy Gendreau, Monkton, buck 147-6; Bernard Isabelle, West Rutland, buck 140-8; and Tyler Burgess, Panton, doe 136.

Also, Jason Barnard, Starksboro, doe 123; Erik Carruth, Ferrisburgh, buck 123-3; Gerald Laflam, Monkton, buck 121-6; Daniel Barrows, Ferrisburgh, 120 doe; Philip Hardway, Addison, buck 120-8; Daniel Stein, Ferrisburgh, doe 120; Harley Grice, Middlebury, doe 120; Eric Bingham, Middlebury, doe 119; Steven Crosby, Ferrisburgh, doe 118; and Randall Stearns, Ferrisburgh, doe 115.

Also Vic Burbo, Ferrisburgh, 110-6; Philip Williams, Middlebury, doe 109; Randy Butler, New Haven, buck 108-4; Bruce Cheever, Middlebury, doe 107; Larry Gebo, Bridport, doe 107; Gary Urich, Addison, buck 101-8; James Hoag, Monkton, doe 104; Katherine Newton, New Haven, doe 100; and Aaron Label, Monkton, fawn.

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