Stephen C. Terry

As Vermonters, we are used to seeing ourselves compared to other states or regions of the country. Some positive, other negative, assessments. We are usually associated with California as one of the bluest states in the union when talking about politics. Recent surveys list Vermont as one of the healthiest states in the nation. By contrast, national rankings also list Vermont as one of the most expensive states to live in based on our state and local tax policies and cost of living. Nevertheless, Vermonters have tended to take pride in our history of being either the first in the nation or...
There is no more important factor for the health of a community than a strong and viable source of trustworthy information. Those of us living in Addison County have known for years that the Addison Independent has admirably served that function. Now more than ever the survival of the Independent is crucial, and for some residents, it is a literal matter of life and death. I say that not as hyper sensationalism, but as a critical component of our ability to fight and survive the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Clearly, the future of a financially strong Porter Medical Center, and its associated...
What happens when you speak truth to power? Often no immediate impact. But the words themselves can be like planting an acorn that grows into an impressive oak tree. It usually takes about 50 years for a small acorn to grow into a big oak tree, a well-known fact for the farmer-horticulturalist from Putney, George D. Aiken. This analogy helps to describe the lasting impact of a speech delivered on the Senate Floor on Oct. 19, 1966, some 53 years ago, by Vermont’s senior Republican Senator Aiken.  On that fall day Sen. Aiken delivered a 10-minute speech that has since been called one of the...

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