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These are unprecedented times.

With the closing of so many area businesses due to the global coronavirus pandemic, the Addison Independent's primary source of revenue — advertising — has fallen substantially, and is expected to remain far below our weekly expenses for the foreseeable future.

But, unlike other businesses, we can’t close and hunker down. Our mission is to cover this story.

That takes our team of 25-plus employees working long days and far into the night. We have temporarily suspended the Monday paper to help cut costs, management has taken big cuts, we’ve had to furlough a few members of the phone book team and reduce a few hours at the Addison Independent. It’s been the first time I’ve had to reduce employee hours, or wages, or ask employees to go on furlough in my 42 years as a newspaper publisher. 

How can you help? Please, if you’re not a subscriber to the Addison Independentsubscribe today. The $50 you pay for that annual subscription would be the highest compliment we could receive. Or buy a family member, friend or neighbor a subscription. 

If you are a subscriber, consider making a donation to help us pull through this financial hurdle and keep providing you with one of the best newspapers in New England.

A donation of any size will make you part of our new Publishers’ Circle, a community of subscribers who are invited to share their ideas, critiques, suggestions and comments with us in a more direct and collaborative way. 

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— Angelo Lynn

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